Natural Furniture Finish- Gloss Sheen

Vermont Natural Coatings Semi-Gloss Furniture Finish
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PolyWhey is a professional grade finish that is environmentally safe. Made from a sustainable and renewable resource, whey, which is a biproduct of the cheese making industry. This clear eco finish is made in an environementally responsible way in Vermont, USA. It has no toxic fumes during or after application and is safe for children and pets. It is very durable and is easy to apply and easy to clean up. Dries in less than 2 hours so that you can apply additional coats quicker than other brands and complete your job faster. Vermont Natural Coatings Polywhey finishes deliver more coverage per gallon, bringing greater value to your finish choice. Can be used on furniture, crafts and other indoor surfaces such as walls, counters, ceilings and more. Perfect for the professional wood worker and the do it yourselfer.
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