Natural Furniture Finish- Satin

Clear Satin Furniture Finish in Pint, Quart, gallon or 5 gallon sizes.
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  • Item #: 900112
Choose a better finish that is made responsibly and is safe to use. Enjoy applying a finish that does not stink or give you a headache but is durable and quick drying. Apply multiple coats in one day because it dries in 2 hours or less. Made from whey proteins, PolyWhey gives you more coverage, more durability and is safer than other finish options. This safe finish can be applied over oil based stain or finish, as well as other water based finishes. Easy to clean up with soap and water. No toxic fumes means it is safe for children, adults, and pets. "Made Green" by Vermont Natural Coatings, VT. USA.
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